Policies, Procedures, and Practices, Oh My!

This blog post was written in anticipation of our upcoming workshop for educators and other professionals, “Love Notes 💜 to Policies.” Click here to learn more and sign up! There are times when students do things that we wish they wouldn’t, especially around topics of sexuality and sexuality education. Things that are…

Why K-12 Comprehensive Sex Ed Matters

I was recently in a small group of parents and the conversation turned to elementary sex ed. One parent told a story about the only sex ed she ever had in school, which was a sex-segregated movie viewing where a mother ended up making pancakes shaped like a uterus, fallopian…

Holiday Hot Chocolate

Winter is upon those of us in the northern hemisphere! The holidays associated with December are often connected with the global north’s weather and climate perspective. I have been reading up on the many histories of how and why the December’s holidays are celebrated. Overwhelmingly they focus on light and…

Why We Wrote a Handbook for Child Welfare Providers

While working as a case manager for youth in foster care, Monica realized that she had little idea how to provide information to youth to educate them about sex, sexuality, and their health. She saw a clear need after having very young adolescents ask for pregnancy tests, trying to explain…
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October Newsletter

It’s been a rough back half of September but we’re turning our hopeful eyes to October. That starts with honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg by letting her memory be a revolution – checking our voter registration status, revisiting her comments on the #metoo movement, and learning about her legacy as the co-founder of the…