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2019 A year in review

Here at UN|HUSHED we’ve had a very busy 2019. So busy we didn’t have time to write much in our blog to tell you all about it. Funny how that works isn’t it? So let’s dive in to what we’ve done and what we’re doing… JANUARY We kicked off the…
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UN|HUSHED: The High School Curriculum

This week we are SO THRILLED to announce that our brand new high school curriculum is up and available for purchase and use! UN|HUSHED: The High School Curriculum, by Karen Rayne, PhD and Kirsten deFur, MPH is available exclusively through our online portal, accessible when you are logged into your account. This…
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The dreaded sleepover question

In a world with flexible gender and sexual identities, what’s a parent to do? I’ve been asked about sleepovers through two channels in the last few days, so it seemed the right time to finally write a post about it. This question comes up all the time – first in…
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