Sex Ed & the Law

Sex Ed & the Law

There are many places where the law and sex education intersect, and they can be broken down into several categories.  Certainly there is some overlap among them, but for the purpose of this post, the categories are: state law and policy on sex education, laws affecting sex educators in the…
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May Newsletter

May the UN|HUSHED News be with You! We’re so close to the end of the school year! We’re so close to returning to “normal” pre-Covid-19 life (or the good parts of it anyway)! So much change has happened in the last year and some months, and we’re ready to celebrate as…
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Why We Wrote a Handbook for Child Welfare Providers

While working as a case manager for youth in foster care, Monica realized that she had little idea how to provide information to youth to educate them about sex, sexuality, and their health. She saw a clear need after having very young adolescents ask for pregnancy tests, trying to explain…
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Today the U.S. UN|HUSHED offices are closed in observance of election day. As part of UN|HUSHED’s PTO program we give our team paid time off to vote (and this year-practice self care!). So we’ll be back tomorrow. Take care, and please vote!
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Evidence Informed Octopus

Evidence Informed vs Evidence Based

A common query UN|HUSHED receives is about our reasons behind using an evidence-informed approach instead of an evidence-based approach to write our curricula. While many types of curricula are valid and have their place in sexuality education, there are specific reasons why UN|HUSHED prefers to write our curricula using an…
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February Newsletter

Hey Friends,Happy Monday! We hope your first month of 2020 was a good one. As per the ushe, we’ve been super busy, and we want to tell you all about it. Come to sunny Austin, Texas to be trained on the most innovative Sexuality Curriculum in the world! We’re offering…